The Path to the Rights of Children for each municipality in the province of Pisa

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This Poster, along with 3 others placed by the Municipal Administration, is part of the Rights Path conceived by the Volunteers of the Pisa Provincial Committee for UNICEF to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Italian Committee for UNICEF, established in Rome on June 19, 1974 as an ONLUS (recognized as an NGO, now an ETS Foundation ).
The Pathway is intended to recall the twofold task carried out by UNICEF Italy: 
- To inform the public about the rights and needs of children and adolescents globally;
- to raise funds to support humanitarian programs in developing countries.

The four Posters contain a summary of 23 Rights of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UN CRC) and you can find insights with the full version here

For Schools. 
UNICEF and the City Council invite teachers to stop by these Posters on school outings for Students to read them carefully and draw inspiration for personal reflections, insights and further educational activities. 

Posters such as these can be printed and displayed inside school buildings, along with other materials on the Convention that UNICEF Italy's School Office makes available, to consolidate students' knowledge of Rights and facilitate their understanding of how important it is to be aware of their Rights. 

Also offered jointly to schools is UNICEF Italy's solidarity initiative for schools of all levels dedicated to Education in Emergency Contexts. 


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